Apart from my regular university courses – which are not covered on this page yet – I enjoy teaching workshops and other extra-curricular courses at different summer schools, conferences, and so forth. These include, at the first place, the following annual (or biannual) events:

In the upcoming years the ESU event will probably travel from Leipzig to Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and in post-pandemic world Victoria is farther away than it used to be. Therefore, the above list of events might differ a bit in the near future; nonetheless there will definitely be some new opportunities!

Materials on Youtube

I have also recorded a few short videos on using and installing the package ‘stylo’; they are available on my Youtube channel:

Documentation of the package ‘stylo’

  • for (real) beginners: a crush introduction in the form of a slideshow
  • for (sort of) beginners: a concise HOWTO
  • for advanced users: a paper in R Journal
  • full documentation at CRAN

Blog posts on non-obvious functions of stylo:

Workshop on topic modeling