Computational stylistics

A handful of projects conducted with the Computational Stylistics Group, or a cross-institutional research team focused on computer-assisted text analysis, stylometry, authorship attribution, sentiment analysis, and the like stuff.


Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure (CLS INFRA) is a project aimed and providing the users – primarily scholars – necessary infrastructure to conduct research in the field of computational literary studies.


Software to perform various analyses in the field of computational stylistics, authorship attribution, etc.

Bootstrap Consensus Networks

A stylometric method to visualize similarities between texts in the form of a network.

Rolling Stylometry

A stylometric method of supervised classification, in which a given text is chunked into equal-sized blocks and then assessed sequentially.

Language Change

This monograph by R. L. Górski, M. Król and M. Eder discusses applicability of quantitative methods in historical linguistics, with special attention paid to the analysis of language changes in Polish between the 15th and 19th centuries.

Andreas Volanus’s On Liberty

A critical edition of the treatise De libertate politica sive civili (On Political or Civil Liberty) by Andreas Volanus, published in 1572 and soon translated into Polish. This bilingual edition contains both versions.

Solomon and Marcolf

A translation of the Latin text Dialogus Salomonis cum Marcolfo, followed by a critical edition of extant fragments of the earliest rendition into Polish entitled Rozmowy, które miał król Salomon mądry z Marchołtem grubym a sprosnym.

The Proverbs... by Andrea Maximilianus Fredro

A study on the aphoristic collection entitled Przysłowia... (The Proverbs..., published anonymously in 1658), written by Andrea Maximilianus Fredro – the author known for his several Latin works rather than for Polish aphorisms.